Hi everyone! My name is Guusje Reijans, and I am the president of Uros

I am from a small town called Haelen in the middle of Limburg. I am now in my in my third year of the study medicine so I still have a long way to go. Athletics is quite new to me. I discovered it when I was seven years old, but at the age of nine I decided to quit and continue with volleyball (which I regret now haha). I have played volleyball from my sixth until my eighteenth and I really loved it. I used to train four times a week and participate in competitions. The last two years I also played beach volleyball in the summer. I especially loved the competitions that were on the beach every week.Last year I got a room in Maastricht and decided to try a different sport. I joined Uros and I have not regretted it for a second. First, I joined the running group which I liked, but when we could use the track again (it was closed due to COVID) I wanted to try the technical events as well. I discovered that the throwing events are not my thing, but I rediscovered my love for competing in sprinting. The 100 and 200m are my favourite events. In my free time, I love to go for a drink with my friends and dance at parties. I also love to play the guitar and to just clear my mind while I am playing. 

I hope that we will have an amazing year and that there will be lots of parties, activities, and competitions. I will try my best to make this a great year for all of you.