My name is Teun Prompers, and I am the vice-president. 

To get some formalities out of the way: I am in my second year of my bachelor’s in physiotherapy, so I will be around for a while.

I grew up in a small town, to the south of Maastricht, called Eijsden but recently moved to Maastricht. I became a part of UROS as soon as I started my bachelor last year, and this year I will be bearing the responsibility of guiding UROS into 2022 with my fellow board-members.

Unlike most track and field athletes I didn’t grow up playing any sports. Before transitioning into athletics I was an avid gym-goer from eighteen onwards, and picking up heavy things quickly turned into a passion. Starting out with the usual gym-bro split, but I found my true love in powerlifting. Consequently, to that I found a keen interest in anatomy and physiology, making physiotherapy a perfectly fitting career path.

Track and field really swept me off my feet and I could not be more excited to have found so many friends that share this passion, at UROS. I am a middle/long-distance runner for the time being, and until I find a favourite event I will just be trying out every distance that comes my way.

After a rough year filled with activity cancellations, I am excited, and honoured, to be able to try and make a difference within our association and hopefully change things for the better. It will be hard to stand my ground as the only male member of the board, being surrounded by some hard-hitting women, but I wouldn’t trade my spot for anything.