Dear Urosians,


The board would like to wish you a (late) merry Christmas again, as well as a happy new year!


With the new 2021 year starting we are all hoping for a change and an amelioration of the difficult situation we all went through in the last year. We think a lot of things were lacking in a lot of our lives lately, so here is a list of new years wishes for everyone:


-the re-apparition of motivation (the long lost)

-success in studies/work

-the coming back of more social life

-the death of the coronavirus (usually we are not pro-violence, but in this specific case…)

-success in all your plans and projects (happening now or in the future)

-importantly, the return of everyone at Uros’ practices!! With that point we of course also wish everyone the best sports-wise, and hopefully good times on and off the track.


We could go on but you get the idea, make this year a successful one! And know that Uros got your back.


-The board