You can finally order your favorite clothing again!

Here is what we got for you now: 

  • The famous green sweater, even more personal with your name written on your strong Urosian chest
  • An Uros black soft shell jacket, for the colder days coming up
  • An Uros face mask (which you get for free when you get a jacket), to face the current situation with style, because Uros always got your back

And yes, you read it correctly, since we want all our Urosians to remain strong and healthy, we brought back the beloved soft shell jackets, to keep you warm on and off the track. And with that we are introducing the Uros reusable face-masks, so you can now face any situation, and we give you one for free when you get a jacket, we want to make sure you have a good toolkit to face anything now, so no excuses to skip practice!!

You can order your favorite items via the event in the Agenda (