This is an update concerning the COVID-19 virus.

Please read this carefully!

The Dutch government has announced new and stricter measures to control the coronavirus. These measures also have an impact on Uros. 

From now on, gatherings with more than 4 people (except housholds) are forbidden until the 1st of June. You must also keep 1,5m distance of other people. This means the following for Uros: 

- The practices are canceled until the 1st of June

- The Teamrace (17th of April) is canceled. We will let you know if we can manage to reschedule it. 

- The Batavierenrace (1-3rd May) is canceled

- The practice weekend (21-24th of may) is canceled.

- It is not possible to host the GMA as usual. Instead, the board will write a report about what we have been up to this first half of our board year. You can ask questions by replying to the email you will receive. We are planning to send the mail concerning the GMA-report in the first week of May.

It is possible that the measures around sports events change before the 1st of June. If that is the case, we will of course let you know.


Short conclusion: everything is canceled, or at least postponed until the 1st of June until further notice.


Board 2020/2021

Nonetheless, every cloud has a silver lining. I also have some exciting news for you!

Our board year is almost over, which means that we are looking for new people to take over our tasks next year!

We are looking for fun, enthousiastic and sporty people, who are interested in a year in which you will learn a lot of new skills, make great friends and get to see and be the organization of an association. 

Due to the virus, we can not host the regular dinners for the members who are interested. Instead, we will organize online video calls, to make sure you are fully informed and are able to make a well thought decision. 

If you would like to join one of these videocalls (no strings attached of course), please send me a text or just reply to this mail. Please note that these calls are just for information, you will have no obligations afterwards!


If you have any other questions concerning Uros, the board, or the coronavirus, do not hesitate to send us a text or mail!!


I hope you are safe and are able to make the best of these insecure times! If you want more information concerning the measures to control the coronavirus, this website, which is from the Dutch government, will give you all the details!

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