Via this page we inform you about how UROS deals with the situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus (better known as coronavirus) and where you can find current information.

Advice and update NOC*NSF

In accordance with the tightened measures and advice, NOC*NSF has strongly recommended for the whole of the Netherlands to cancel all sporting events, including competition, practice and training matches. At least until April 6th.

For the whole of the Netherlands, the Dutch government has also called for a sharp reduction in social contacts in general. This call is supported by NOC*NSF by calling on Dutch sports to cancel all other club meetings such as training, education, consultations, meetings and celebrations. UROS accepts this advice and advises everyone to follow this advice. 

Advice RIVM

  • The tightened measures that apply to North Brabant are being extended to the entire country.
  • Events with more than 100 visitors are canceled throughout the Netherlands. This also applies to public locations such as museums, concert halls, theaters, sports clubs and sports competitions.

The above measures apply in any case until 6 April. Finally, there is the urgent advice to people with (mild) colds is to stay at home!

UROS accepts this advice. In any case until April 6th, all regular training, competitions and activities will be canceled, postponed or suspended at Sportpark Jekerdal. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor national institute for public health and the environment

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