Since the 23th of September, Uros has a new board!
The new board wants to thank the old board; Bob, Marly, Anouk, Keanne, Joost and Stijn, for giving us all information we need to make this Uros year successful.
We, Lara, Charlie, Frank and Selim are looking forward to our board year. The CoBo season is almost finished, but we are definitely not done partying. Besides all practices, we are excited for all upcoming activities, especially the Gala, the New Year’s activity, the Batavierenrace, the practice weekend and of course all NSK’s.
If you have any questions regarding Uros or athletics in general, don’t hesitate to contact us!
On the “contact” page on the website, you can find all information you need. We try to be present at all practices, so that’s also a way to talk to one of us!
We hope we can make your year(s) as an Urosian amazing!