Friday the 26th of October 2018, the day Uros left to Belgium for the annual members weekend. The commission found an amazing place with enough space to eat, sleep and chill. Of course, they checked if the fridge was the right size for all our ‘healthy’ soda cans we took with us.

Traditionally, the Friday started off with the cantus. After drinking, singing and some sneaky dance moves the evening continued with playing games until late in the evening. Or do I have to say, early morning?

The gender switch theme was involved in all the games on Saturday. Everyone did their very best to become a high-class lady, a handsome gentleman or something in between. This day ended with acts of all the different groups. I think we can thank Charlie for making his act one of the best.

Unfortunately, all great things have to end, but not before we played some mini-golf and filled our stomach with French fries. We saw that some Uros members are more talented in mini-golf than others… Well, nobody let that tiny detail spoil the day.

This weekend was awesome thanks to the commission and all the members who joined. Already looking forward to next year!