Uros participated as a team during the Veluweloop to run a race through the national park ‘the Veluwe’. They left very early in the morning (6:00 AM) for a long trip to Wageningen. The Veluweloop is a relay where a team of twelve runners need to cover 90 km. Luckily; Uros brought twelve highly motivated runners.

Sandra Luijten ran the first meters of the race, starting from the track in Wageningen. The runners mainly ran over forest trails before the last runner returned back at the track in Wageningen, more than 7 hours later. Anouk Maatman, specially travelled from the east of the Netherlands, had the honour to run the last 4 km through the campus of the University of Wageningen before finishing at the track. Everyone did the best he/she could and that resulted in 34th place out of 84 teams, something we can be very proud of!

After all the hard work, a well-deserved meal was consumed and shared with the other teams that had participated. The journey back to our beautiful city followed soon. All team members needed to recover from this exhausting, but successful day.