At the weekend from the 21stto the 23rdof April we went with a group of 25 Uros members to the 46thedition of the Batavierenrace. The Bata is a student relay race over 175km from Nijmegen to Enschede. It is divided into 25 stages, ranging from 3.5km to 10.7km. Over 350 teams participate in the race, which means more than 8500 students.

Jurriaan was our first Uros member starting in Nijmegen on Friday night with a distance 6.6km to accomplish. Several other fast members were running the following Saturday through crowded relay points as well as windy country roads in the middle of nowhere in the Netherlands. Carine & Ruben finished the race at the University campus of Twente in Enschede with a final distance of 7.8km in the Saturday afternoon. In the end, we can be really proud of an awesome 23rd place for Uros out of more than 350 teams participating.

After the Batavierenrace, a big party was organised on Saturday evening on the University campus of Twente. There were several stages with all kinds of different acts and music. After a long night, we had a lot of sleep to catch up on to after coming back to Maastricht.