At the 12th of April we did our third UMC in 2018 with competitions in 400m and Long-Jump.

The first competition was a very fast 400m run. At the boys, Ruben and Philipp were having a very close race for place number one. Philipp ended the 400m first (53,31) with Ruben just being a few steps behind him (53,47). Only some meters more and Ruben would have overtaken him. Eveline was first place for the girls with a fast time of 1.01.51, followed by Lisanne (1.06.91) and Karin (1.13.31).

Following the 400m run, our members competed in long-jumping. Philipp had the longest distance for the boys with 5.25 meters jumped. At the girls, the order for winning was surprisingly the same as at the 400m run. Eveline again ended up first with a long-jump distance of 4.48 meters; Lisanne was jumping 4.14 meters and Karin slightly behind her with 4.04 meters.

Our next and fourth UMC takes place at the 24th of May, with competitions in 200m & Javelin.