At the 22nd of March we did a UMC with competitions in 800m and Discus throwing. Luckily, the all day rain stopped right before the UMC and we were able to compete.

First, we did a fast 800m run competition. The girls were running first, with Eveline finishing first place (02:39:58), followed by Michelle (02:43:19) and Carine (02:46:50). At the boys, Ruben won the 800m with a time of 02:08:37. Surprisingly, Philipp got second place (02:09:84), followed by Jamie as third place (02:12:84).

The discus throwing required technical experience. Like at the last UMC, Sven won again with a distance of 23.05m and at the girls, Karin managed to throw an astonishing distance of 27.04m.

The next UMC is taking place at the 12th of April with competitions in long jump and 400m.