Hello Urosians!

My name is Charlie Rive and I will be the vice president for Uros this year, I will also be taking over the role of PR & Sponsoring for Uros! I am 19 years young and in my second year of studies in Economics and business economics at the SBE. I grew up on the island of (old) Jersey making me British. Jersey is a very small island which become very dull to live on for so long, so I decided I wanted to go somewhere different for my education which is how I ended up studying in the Netherlands.

I have been doing athletics for the last 6 years and have loved every minute of it, my favourite events are long jump, 200 meters and the 10k racewalk. Before I did athletics, I used to play football and I also did gymnastics both of which I enjoyed very much before I quit them. I also really like to drink and sing Dutch songs I don’t understand which I’m sure you will get to see first-hand if you attend any of our activities this year.

I will also be apart of the activity committee, the PR and sponsoring committee and the Uros magazine committee! If you have any questions about them don’t hesitate to ask me whenever.

I had a really fun first year in Uros, I recommend doing as many of the activities as you can if you want to have a good time 😊. But most importantly I hope you will enjoy your time with Uros as much as I did!