Hi! My name is Daniëlle Spek and I am the competition commissioner of Uros,

I’ll tell a little about who I am first.  After high school I started my bachelor study health and life sciences in Amsterdam. After I finished this I exchanged the busy streets of Amsterdam for the beautiful Maastricht where I started my master physician and clinical investigator last year. Besides studying I am also an avid athlete and although I only started doing track when I was 18 years old, I’m eager to compete at the highest level as possible. Of course, when I moved to Maastricht, I decided to join the student athletic association. As a heptathlete and triple jumper I started training with the technical group of Uros. Besides challenging myself on the track, it also seemed like a great challenge to represent the board of Uros for a year. I’m looking forward to a year in which I can learn a lot, but most of all have fun whit the rest of the board and the other Urosians.

Although we have had a weird year with way to less competitions, I hope we can make up for it at second half of the year, so that we can represent Uros at as many as possible competitions, with as many as possible members participating.