Members Weekend!

Members Weekend!

It is time for the famous UROS membersweekend again! Did you party so hard during summer so you forgot all the names? Or did you train so much that you don’t know how to have some fun? Are you a new member and want to get to know all the members (we are real fun when you get to know us)? This is your chance! 

We would love to come with as many UROS members as possible, and we won’t be telling you the location ,or the activities that will take place, for now. 

It would make a big difference if we can go there by car, so if you have a car available during the weekend, please add this in your subscription (gas money will be divided over the members of course).

We hope to see as many subscriptions as possible!

Activity details

Activity date 5 November 2021: 19:00
Activity End Date 7 November 2021: 20:00
Capacity 40
Available place 4
Cut off date 24 October 2021: 23:00
Individual Price €40.00

Registrations closed.