Thank You Dinner

Thank You Dinner

Uros’ committees are working all year round to help our association run smoothly, whether they are working in the broad light or in the background. But in any case, we are all very thankful for their work, so the board is inviting you to enjoy nice burgers on the track after Thursday’s practice. 

We will offer this dinner for free for all committee members, and this will also be the occasion for us to hand you a little gift to thank you for all your hard work!

But everyone is of course invited to join, show their gratitude to our amazing committees while enjoying a nice burger! Since we also like eeeeveryone in Uros, we would also like to propose everyone else a discount on the dinner, so it will only cost you around 8€.

Activiteit info:

Aanvang: 17 juni 2021: 20:00
Einde: 17 juni 2021: 21:30
Sluitingsdatum 16 juni 2021: 23:55
Locatie Jekerdal Sportpark

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