Dear Urosianen,

My name is Jurriaan Berger and I’m this year’s treasurer for Uros. Currently, I’m 20  years old and I’m studying Data Science & Knowledge Engineering at Maastricht University. Although I was born in Rotterdam, I’ve lived there only until my 10th birthday. Since then, I have lived in Zierikzee – a really nice but quit town.

In Zierikzee I already joined the local athletics association for a few years, but when I moved to Maastricht I was not sure about continuing with athletics. My level is not that high and I wanted to figure out what was out there in Maastricht. Still, I joined a few practices and went to some activities after the INKOM. That was so nice to do, that subscribed and even joined the board – only a year later. What I really like about Uros is that you have the opportunity to get a decent practice and some fresh air twice a week. Usually I join the technical practices. Above all, it is very a nice way to meet new people and get to know them (especially during the members weekend it’s fun). Apart from only joining activities, I also like to contribute to activities and deliver the members a nice practice weekend for example. 

As I mentioned above, I’m this year the Treasurer for Uros. Which means that I’ll have to make sure that all committees hold on their budget, everyone pays their membership fees, activities will be paid, to mention only a few examples. But I will not only stick to the money, I really want to make a fun year of it, with all the activities and competitions that we have planned for the year.

Kind regards,

Jurriaan Berger