Dear Urosians,

My name is Lenny and I’m 19 years old. I come from Leveroy, a tiny village between Weert en Roermond (north of this province). I started running when I as 14 and joined the athletics association Atletiek Leudal when I was 15. We especially did technical athletics there, but I preferred running.

I’m now in my second year of medicine. Besides studying or running at Uros I also give resuscitation classes at high schools and I like to hang out with friends or watch a movie by myself. At the practice you can always find me with the runners, somewhere at the back of the group. I prefer 5-15 km distances, and last year I discovered that trail runs are the perfect way to run them.

Last year was my first year in Maastricht, so also my first year at Uros. At the first GMA I joined the activity committee. It was a great decision since I had a lot of fun in organizing the activities and also participating in those activities of course. It also brought me to becoming a board member.

This year I’ll be the competition commissioner. My plan is to make us go to a lot of competitions, have a lot of fun and perhaps win a lot of prizes. Besides that, I’ll be the president of the activity committee. I hope to see you all not just at the practice, but also at those activities, and at the competitions of course.

Have fun!

Lenny Engelen